Compo(e)sitions Contests

Grisly, weird death, accompanied by maximum amounts of TERROR!

If such things–in other words, if the works of Edgar Allan Poe–inspire you, then submit to one of two contests offered by the UMF Edgar Allan Poe Bicentennial celebration.

The “Compo(e)sitions” contest invites literary imitations of Poe. Poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction accepted; maximum length 20 pages; no minimum.

The “Faux Poe” contest invites work in other forms or media, which may include visual art, musical compositions, plays, videos, cakes in the shape of ravens, costumes, and whatever other sort of etcetera comes to you in the deepest, darkest part of the night . . .

And YES!! Prizes will be awarded for first and second place, both contests! Winners will present their work to the public.

Submit literary works (Compo(e)sitions) to this address:

Send other work (Faux Poe) to the address below. If it cannot be attached by email, send a description of the work. We will contact you about obtaining it.

Deadline for both contests is October 23rd (at the deepest, darkest stroke of midnight, before the day turns to the 24th and all is lost, lost forever. . .)


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