About the Poe / After Poe Blog

The 200th anniversary this year of the birth of Edgar Allan Poe (January 19, 1809) has sparked a series of bicentennial celebrations and commemorative events across the nation, resulting in a renewed critical and historical interest in Poe’s literary work. The Poe/After Poe University Series at the University of Maine at Farmington not only celebrates Poe as a major American author but also investigates the qualities of “mystery and imagination” that defined his work and that continue to inspire the creativity of writers, artists, and performers. Through various events in the series, we will discuss Poe’s work and his continuing influence in fields as diverse as detective fiction, horror and supernatural, science fiction, the short story, and poetry.  We will also consider Poe as a source of inspiration for new creative responses to his work across a wide range of disciplines and forms of literature, art, and music. Our interest in both scholarly and creative responses to Poe makes this series unique and will contribute to its broad appeal across the campus and in the larger Farmington community.


One Response to “About the Poe / After Poe Blog”

  1. Nice to find your site. Poe Forward is a website and blog focusing on the life and works of Poe and his influence on Pop Culture. We also aim to debunk any myths about Poe.

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