Poe Flash Fiction

Very very short versions of Edgar Allan Poe stories, Poe in Six Words:

  1. Buried sister not dead, house collapsing.
  2. Heart beating loud–I’m not mad!
  3. Stolen letter, hidden in plain sight.
  4. Locked room, murders, orangutan did it.
  5. I wish I had Berenice’s teeth.
  6. Gold bug, human bones, hidden treasure.
  7. Pissed off dwarf, more orangutans, fire.
  8. Don’t bury me–not dead yet!
  9. Wife dies, then possesses new wife.
  10. Cold, dark, wet, and no Amontillado.

Most of these should be easy to identify–but can anyone match all ten six-word stories to the Poe original?


~ by Michael K. Johnson on November 23, 2009.

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